The book is divided into 6 chapters:

Predictions: the Black Swan. This theory was initiated by the writer Nassin Nicholas Taleb and uses the principle of the Black swan, because in our idea a swan is of white color. Your reaction is to refuse to see it from another color. We build reasoning from incomplete information that gives us false certainty. It is in this that the impact of the Black Swan to its effect.

Statistics: The rankings of the pilot and Constructreurs World championships of the 2019 season.

Economic Survey 2019: update of the economic data of the team budgets, as well as the total revenues of the Formula 1 pilots in the year 2019.

Business 2020: Complete study of the business of Formula 1 teams in 2020. Details of sponsorship and budgets, as well as the salaries of the pilots and analyses of two significant developments of the previous year.

Circuits 2020: Estimates of the organization licence fee for each race of the World Championship calendar.

Liberty Medias: First year for Liberty and a wind of future change ?

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